viii. ) To explore the mother nature of our concepts the superior, and to, discourse of them intelligibly, it will be handy to distinguish them as they are suggestions or perceptions in our mind.

and as they are modifications of issue in the bodies that trigger such perceptions in us …rn(From II. viii. ) Whatsoever the thoughts perceives in by itself , or is the immediate object of perception, believed, or understanding, that I contact idea and the electric power to develop any thought in our intellect, I contact top quality of the issue whereby that power is.

As a result a snowball possessing the ability to create in us the concepts of white, cold, and spherical-the energy to create those thoughts in us, as they are in the snowball, I get in touch with characteristics and as they are sensations or perceptions in our understandings, I contact them thoughts which tips , if I discuss of at times as in the factors by themselves, I would be recognized to mean these traits in the objects which produce them in us. rn(From II. viii. ) Relating to these traits, we, I feel, notice these main ones in bodies that generate basic concepts in us, viz. solidity, extension, movement or relaxation , nubmer or figure . These, which I call original or most important attributes of physique, are wholly inseparable from it and this kind of as in all the alterations and changes it suffers, all the power can be applied upon it, it continually retains and this sort of as sense frequently finds in each particle of matter which has bulk sufficient to be perceived and the thoughts finds inseparable from each particle of matter, although fewer than to make by itself singly be perceived by our senses: e. g. , consider a grain of wheat, divide it into two components each individual aspect has nevertheless solidity, extension, determine, and mobility: divide it all over again, and it retains even now the exact same qualities …rn(From II. viii.

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) The future point to be regarded is, how bodies operate one particular on another and that is manifestly by impulse, and nothing at all else. It getting not possible to conceive that physique really should run on what it does not touch (which is all 1 as to imagine it can run exactly where it is not), or when it does touch, function any other way than by motion. rn(From II. viii. ) Immediately after the same method that the suggestions of these primary characteristics are made in us, we may perhaps conceive that the strategies of secondary attributes are also manufactured, viz. By the operation of insensible particles on our senses.

… [L]et us suppose at present that, the various motions and figures, bulk and variety, of these kinds of particles, influencing the various organs of our senses, generate in us these unique sensations which we have from the colors and smells of bodies … It currently being no more extremely hard to conceive that god really should annex these types of tips to this kind of motions, with which they have no similitude, than that he must annex the notion of discomfort to the movement of a piece of metal dividing our flesh, with which that concept hath no resemblance. rn(From II. viii. ) What I have stated concerning colors and smells may possibly be recognized also of preferences and seems, and other the like practical traits which, what ever actuality we by error attribute to them, are in real truth almost nothing in the objects on their own, but powers to make different sensations in us and count on those principal features, viz.

Bulk, determine, texture, and motion of sections and therefore I get in touch with them secondary features . rn(From II. viii. ) From whence I consider it straightforward to attract this observation, that the strategies of principal characteristics of bodies are resemblances of them, and their patterns do truly exist in the bodies on their own, but the thoughts created in us by these secondary traits have no resemblance of them at all. There is nothing at all like our ideas, existing in the bodies them selves. They are, in the bodies we denominate from them, only a electric power to create people sensations in us …rn(From II. viii.

) The specific bulk, range, determine, and movement of the components of fire or snow are seriously in them, regardless of whether any one’s senses perceive them or no: and for that reason they may well be known as actual characteristics, for the reason that they definitely exist in those bodies.