It is essential to know at least the basic SELECT, INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE functions and understand relational databases. That’s why all front end developer interviews should include at least one question regarding that.

front end developer interview questions

Alexis is a software engineer who specializes in frontend development with .Net, CSS, and JavaScript. I always recommend people study but be sure to study at a healthy pace. Set realistic goals and a time limit when you’ll start applying for jobs. We like to author code by separating components into individual files.

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Even so, it’s still important to know how to accomplish a few everyday tasks. Flask uses thread local objects internally so that user don’t have to pass objects around from function to function within a request in order to stay threadsafe. This approach is useful, but it requires a valid request context for dependency injection or when attempting to reuse code which uses a value pegged to the request. While the frontend developer is a programmer that codes the front end of a website and ensures that a visibility of site remains same throughout different web browsers. Optimize your software development capabilities by adding top talents from one of the leading outsourcing companies in the world; let our experience work for you. Some developers tend to skip testing and just throw the code “over the wall” to QA testers and wait for them to report issues. This creates a bottleneck in the process, and teams become slow.

I’ve dabbled with it in the past but I never dove in deep. It’s a nice tool to add to my bag of tricks.What do you find interesting about coding? It allows me to be creative and learn a wide variety of skills. There’s nothing like that feeling of accomplishment that comes from coming up with an elegant solution to a problem.


The most important thing to keep in mind is that hiring managers will want to know how efficiently you work and how well you will fit in with the company culture. Just like any industry, if you keep your skills sharp and you know your stuff, you should be okay.

Which full stack is best in India?

  • TCS.
  • Infosys.
  • Cognizant Technology.
  • IBM.
  • Accenture.

CSS float is a property that is used to specify whether an element should float to the left, right, or not at all. It is used when we have to push our web page element left or right and make all other elements cover around it. It is cost-effective as it practices the optimal time and space resources usage. It loads only a fraction of the web page first, which is required. Thus, the time taken is less, and the loading of the rest of the part of the web page is delayed, which saves storage.

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This will require you to be able to answer a variety of questions about your skills and experience. A lot of companies are readily hiring them with attractive salary packages. If you believe you possess the skills to become a frontend developer and wish to make a career in it, then you’re in the right place. This tutorial on Frontend Developer Interview Questions will help you crack your next interview. This Frontend Developer Interview Questions tutorial has put together questions on various languages and frameworks used for frontend development.

front end developer interview questions

When the layout, window size, etc of an element is changed, the position of all the elements after it changes accordingly. This in turn affects the flow of the page and is called reflow. Fixed – A fixed position implies that the element remains fixed to the viewport, which means it stays in the same place even if the page is scrolled. Anonymous functions are functions without a name identifier and hence they are usually not accessible. In CSS, a pseudo-class is used to specify a special state for an element. CSS preprocessor is a program/ utility that allows you to generate CSS from the preprocessor’s syntax. The outermost element that uses the block layout establishes the initial block layout rules.

How do you access an API with JavaScript?

Components are the building blocks of a React application that represent a part of the user interface. JavaScript has many data types to provide the basic functionality needed for a web application. Git push is a command that pushes the contents of a local repository to a remote repository. It runs a push after it has changed a local repository to share the changes with remote team members.

He actually has degree in geography from the University of Minnesota, though these days much of his focus and passion is songwriting. The main differences between stack and queue are that stack uses LIFO method to access and add data elements whereas Queue uses FIFO method to access and add data elements. You want to get a sense of the candidate’s familiarity with high level programming concepts that will impact code performance. Developers with a more traditional academic background should be able to handle these questions better than self-taught programmers, so you should manage your expectations accordingly. Front-ends that invoke micro services is a popular design pattern. Front-end developers must often work against and troubleshoot issues with Web Service APIs to get data to display to end users. The visibility and access of variables and functions is affected by the scope in which they are declared.

Web Designer Interview Questions

Employers want to know that you are committed to your career and continually learning new skills. They may ask this question to see if you have a plan for continuing your education throughout your career. In your answer, explain what steps you become a front end developer take to learn new things about frontend development. You can also mention any online resources or training programs you use. The interviewer may ask you a question like this to assess your knowledge of CSS properties and how they can be used.

  • On the other hand, the Native Objects are the standard built-in objects provided by JavaScript.
  • Git merge, and Git rebase are both used to integrate changes from one branch into another.
  • With the help of grids, CSS enables the stacking and highlighting different elements in different parts of the grids.
  • Complements and integrates with the Java programming language as well as other backend technologies.
  • Unfortunately, there aren’t many complete and satisfactory answers to these questions readily available online.

To brush up on those, check out this article on freeCodeCamp. Front end interviews usually aren’t as heavy on the data structures and algorithms as general software engineering interviews.

How would you ensure a web design is user-friendly?

Organize A hiring flow you can wrap your head around.Collaborate It’s easy for your whole team to join in.Connect Stand out and show candidates who you are. She has 6+ years of experience working with technologies such as React, JavaScript, HTML5, Angular, and more. Search engines, screen readers, and other user devices can employ semantically valid HTML to assess the importance and context of web content. Appropriate HTML components are chosen based on their intrinsic meaning rather than how they seem aesthetically on a produced web page in order to reflect the essence of information effectively. Round Robin is the most often utilized load balancing technique. The requests are dispersed over a collection of servers in this approach.

What is the salary of full-stack developer in TCS?

Average TCS Full Stack Developer salary in India is ₹ 4.9 Lakhs per year for employees with less than 1 year of experience to 4 years. Full Stack Developer salary at TCS ranges between ₹ 3.7 Lakhs to ₹ 8.5 Lakhs per year. Salary estimates are based on 655 salaries received from various employees of TCS.